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Notes from initial interview


Problems with current technology:
  • digital appliances–no indentations, just smooth surfaces (washers, microwaves, dryers, telephones), must label things
  • telephone has too many functions, talking caller ID (won't work correctly to say who is calling)
  • put dots on microwave, problems remembering settings, cheat sheets in beginning. then have too many 'code sheets'
  • cell phone numbers too close (mistakes and location problems), put dots on it, dots too big
  • AC and heating time control, husband sets it
  • sewing maching, Braille put on where to thread (A,B,C) keeping material straight is a problem
  • color identifier not accurate, needs accuracy to match outfit

Technology might want
  • remote to control everything, belt clip to carry it around, put it in same place
  • affordable technology: talking dictionary to read pronounciations ($40) vs. definitions ($500); a Braile dictionary would be 38 volumes

Technology already have
  • computer with speech, usb port with speech (Freedom Box), must use Windows 2000 and above but works on anyone's computer
  • Braille Light
  • over the counter cell phone (not talking)


Technology available for the blind:

  • paper money identifier
  • talking dictionary for sighted people(pronounce words), for visually impaired (pronounce definitions)
  • talking thermometer-didn't work
  • talking microwave/VCR ($300)
  • Freedom Scientific-reading devices and notetakers
  • catelog companies–Macy Aides (sp?), Lighthouse for the Blind
  • talking clock
  • spread out more
  • talking VCR
  • caller ID, need someone to help set up
  • JAWS, Key to Freedom (credit card like key put in CD ROM, $300 and not as advanced as JAWS), Freedom Box (Not as advanced as JAWS)
  • digital thermostat
  • talking measuring cup
  • Voice Mate-calculator, address book, other features, like a PDA
  • device that reads bars codes and says what product is
  • mark appliances (e.g., mark stove at 350 degrees)
  • digital microwave (problems with settings)
  • Maxi Aide (sp?) catelog

Problems with activities:

  • reading labels on frozen food and packages, need device to scan label and read back cooking directions
  • cell phone kyes are flat, can't program, navigation a problem
  • have to use Braille or Bold pen to mark food in fridge
  • Measuring Bucket is metric so don't use
  • issues with setting stove and organizing ingredients
  • grocery store: read bar code (?)

Technology that would like to see:

  • affordable technology
  • talking washer and dryer
  • talking thermostat
  • remote controls are easy to use
  • mark left over food in fridge
  • way to organize fridge and identify food in it

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