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Questions for Annie

Goal: obtain information about:
  • what are common problems encountered in routine tasks of daily living around the house (which problems, and which activities)
  • how problems relate to specific tasks/activities
  • which tasks/activities would like to have help with
  • what kind of AT would like to see ... and why

  1. What are some common problems that you have on a daily basis around the house?
  2. How big/frequent of a problem is it?
  3. How do you currently deal with the problem? And what resources do you use for doing so?
  4. Can you think of anything that would help you solve the problem?
  5. What kind of assistance would you like to see? (when, how, how often)
  6. How do you think this (mentioned) technology could assist you?
  7. What kind of benefits (drawbacks) do you see?
  8. What types of assistive technologies do you currently use?
  9. What problems do you have with these technologies?

Follow-up questions:
  • Can you please elaborate?
  • What do you mean?

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