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Welcome to the STEP Co-Web

The STEP Co-Web is an online area to which you can communicate and collaborate with one another or post materials and resources for your students. In years past, STEP Fellows have created informational Websites for their students. Browsing their sites may give you ideas for the type of content you'd like to create.

Meet past years' Fellows and browse their sites

Who's Who?

Introduce yourself on Who's Who. Provide a link to your personal Website, email address, or another site of interest. Use this as an opporutnity to get comfortable with Swiki and to learn something about each other.

Current Training Materials

Go to 2006-7 Training Materials for copies of assignments and other materials for the 2006-7 STEP year.

Archived Summer and School Year Course Materials

Go to Archived Training Materials for copies of assignments and other materials from the summer course and from the school year course for the 2004-5 Year.
Go to 2005-6 Training Materials for copies of assignments and other materials used in CETL 8711 and 8712 during 2005-6.


We will post copies of various forms that you need on the Forms Page

Group News and Discussion

Use News to share information or ask questions with the group. This may be used as an alternative or in conjunction with the listserv. Use it as you see best fit.

Shared Resources

Use Resources to post URLs and other notes or comments related to teaching resources that other Fellows may find useful.


Pictures of past fellows and students are posted here. Feel free to add your own - let us know if you do. Be sure you have photo release forms before posting...


Please create web pages for your teams. You can link to them here - or edit directly on the co-web.

Cedar Grove 2005
Marietta 2005
Miller Grove 2005
Rockdale Magnet 2005: 

Tech High 2005
Tri-Cities 2005: 

Westlake 2006

Here are the web pages created by the 2004-5 fellows.

Cedar Grove 2004
Marietta 2004
Rockdale Magnet 2004
Miller Grove 2004
Tri-Cities 2004
Westlake 2004

If you want to learn more about the STEP program, go to STEP homepage

STEP is funded by the National Science Foundation.

STEP is located at Georgia Tech and it is supported by CETL (the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning) and CEISMC (the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing).