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Vote for Dede Visit Date

Chris Dede will be in town March 16 and 17 for a VR conference. I've invited him to come visit, to chat with people, and to give a talk. Which day would work best for you to hear his talk and perhaps talk with him?

1. Mark
2. I prefer to the meetings in the afternoon, so I prefer March 16. I don't know if I will be in town on March16/17, though, so my preferences should probably not sway the vote :-). Jennifer T.
3. Bill Waggener
4. btwn 1-4 Dave Brown.


1. I teach from 4:30 to 6 on Mondays and don't generally get up too early. But within those constraints, either is fine. I'm looking forward to seeing him. – Amy
2. Neither work for me: i'll be working at VRAIS, so I'll try to see Chris there - Doug B.
3. I'd like to hear him anytime, though I'd prefer the afternoon one. I'm not a morning person. - Rodney W.
4. Kris N, either
5. Either time works for me. Rich L.
6. Either time works for me. Colin Potts
7. Either is fine for me, but I'm questionable before 10am. - Colleen