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Ellen Strain

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Ellen Strain


School of Literature, Communication, and Culture
686 Cherry Street
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA 30332-0165

About the Project

About the Process

The Request

The Response...

The topic sounds right up my alley. Give me a couple days to look over the materials you have provided, and I will respond with a more fleshed out idea of what might work for this voice-over.
    • Ellen

I just timed a practice version of my voice-over and it's waaaaaay too long. I'm thinking about taking what I have and breaking it into two pieces. The first deals with Griffith's techniques for eliciting realism from his actresses (making Cooper cry by telling her her mother died) and his general reputation for moving away from a theatrical style and towards greater naturalism. The second portion I hope we can fit in somewhere else. Here I comment on the poverty and father-less states of most of the young actresses in the industry at this time and how it contributed to a sometimes exploitative father/daughter working relationship between older male directors and young actresses. I would also like to address some of the rumors about Mae Marsh's and Lillian Gish's relationships with Griffith. Some of the information I have is from Miriam Cooper's autobiography.
    • Ellen

Sounds doable. Let's focus first on the naturalism voice-over.

Possible Documents and Quote Cards...

This might be an appropriate place to use publicity shots of some of the actresses, Mae Marsh in particular.
Also, we can track down quotes from some of Griffith's contemporaries describing his contribution to acting style.
How about a looped clip of Mae Marsh's laugh described in the voice-over? Perhaps it could play only when the user rolls over it. This might prevent it from being too distracting.
  • stills out from other parts of the film
  • quote from Roberta Pearson

Final Scheduling...

I should be able to record this sometime during the week before the DAC conference. My schedule is pretty open.

Based on your last email, it sounds like the 21st at 3 will work for both of us. See you then.

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