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Gregory VanHoosier-Carey

SVO Collaboration Page
Gregory VanHoosier Carey


School of Literature, Communication, and Culture
686 Cherry Street
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA 30332-0165

About the Project

About the Process

The Request

The Response...

I am very interested in all three of these topics. In particular, I have quite a bit to say about the visual representations in clip three and their ideological connotations. I may have run across some other primary documents that would be of interest. I will see if I can track them down. What is the next step in this process?
    • Greg

Great. As you think about what you might want to inc lude, feel free to bounce ideas off of me or to use this page as a place to store some of your notes. Below I've tried to present a few ideas for documents that might accompany the first of your three voice-overs. Feel free to add in more ideas on such documents as well as "quote cards."
    • Ellen

Possible Documents and Quote Cards...

Here's a quick list of some of the documents that you might want to use in your scholarly voice-over. Please let us know if you have others in mind and any necessary information in order to get our hands on the document as well as rights to use the document, if not in the public domain.

  • Two page excerpt from The Clansmandepicting the guerilla assault on the Lenoir home and the subsequent rape of Marion Lenoir (pp. 303-4).
  • Close up of black union soldiers
  • series of shots showing the soldiers repeated "penetration" of barriers in pursuit of the Cameron daughters
  • Excerpt of Dixon letter in which he describes detractors of the film as promoters of interracial mixing.

Also think about quotes that you might want to appear on screen during your voice-over.

Final Scheduling...

Since you're local, this should be pretty easy to schedule. How would February 6 work? We could meet in Skiles 369 and do the recording there some time in the afternoon. Be sure to do a practice run-through on your own before then to make sure that it isn't much longer than you had thought. (Remember, I ran into that problem with my first SVO.)

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