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Preliminary Document List1

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Gregory VanHoosier Carey

Preliminary Document List

Here's a quick list of some of the documents that you might want to use in your scholarly voice-over. Please let us know if you have others in mind and any necessary information in order to get our hands on the document as well as rights to use the document, if not in the public domain.

  • Two page excerpt from The Clansmandepicting the guerilla assault on the Lenoir home and the subsequent rape of Marion Lenoir (pp. 303-4).
  • Close up of black union soldiers
  • series of shots showing the soldiers repeated "penetration" of barriers in pursuit of the Cameron daughters
  • Excerpt of Dixon letter in which he describes detractors of the film as promoters of interracial mixing.

Also think about quotes that you might want to appear on screen during your voice-over.