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The Collaboration Process

SVO Collaboration Page
General Information: The Collaboration Process

The Collaboration Process is composed of four phases:

  • The Request and Initial Response. We provide you with information necessary to assess this opportunity, and you respond with an affirmative or negative response to our request.

  • Elaboration. After an affirmative response, you may choose to narrow or adjust the topic area to best represent your strengths and interests as they relate to the film and the project at hand. You may share thoughts on content with us and suggest possible images, documents, and quotes that might complement your voice-over in its multimediated form.

  • Finalizing and Scheduling. We request that prior to our meeting to record your voice-over, you time a practice version of your voice-over and provide us with an approximate duration for your voice-over (under three minutes). At this point, we will finalize our arrangement to fly/drive out to you or to meet at a specific time at an upcoming conference, such as SCS in Chicago.

  • Compilation and Approval. Using your voice-over and the documents, we compile the voice-over screens with its animations and interactivity. We post a version on the web for your perusal and approval, with any suggested changes. At this point, we will provide basic information about how one might cite such a project on their c.v., and make arrangements to send you a complimentary copy of the CD-rom once it is completed.

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