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Using the Coweb

SVO Collaboration Page
General Information: Using the Coweb

The Coweb is a technology developed by Mark Guzdial of Georgia Tech's College of Computing. All web pages are editable by any person accessing the page. We have chosen this tool as a means of collaborating with a geographically disparate set of scholars, due to the Coweb's potential to document communication, organize material, and facilitate the sharing of information. We hope that our participating scholars feel comfortable using this tool; however, more traditional means of communication are available to those who do not find the Coweb appealing. If you choose to communicate by email, we will include many of these communications on the Coweb for reference. However, if it is the semi-public nature of the Coweb that detracts from the Coweb's appeal, please let us know and we can refrain from posting materials pertaining to our collaboration process with you on the Coweb.

Knowledge of HTML basics is helpful but not essential for editing pages on the Coweb. In addition to comprehending all HTML commands, the Coweb provides a number of shortcuts for those uninitiated into the world of web authoring. Once the "edit this page" link is accessed, a window becomes available for text editing. Any text typed into this window is saved once the buttom "Save" button is pressed, thereby returning you to an updated version of the web page. All carriage returns are honored, unlike in some HTML editors. Four consecutive dashes are converted into a horizontal line. .

At any time during editing, you may visit the Formatting Rules link at the bottom of the page.

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