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CogSci Swiki

Welcome to the CogSci swiki. We'll be using this page to organize the Brown Bags for this semester, and as a point of contact for all of us. Please look around feel free to edit as you see fit. It will only be whatever we all make of it.

If you've never used a swiki before, they're pretty simmilar to other wikis (like wikipedia) - the s is for squeak, the flavor of the programming language smalltalk used to build and run this site. Go check out the sandbox if you want to mess around and see how it all works. The help page has formatting tips and tricks.

Next Event: December 1, 2006

  • Ann Bostrom
    12-1, TSRB 2nd Floor Conference Room (#223)

Fall 2006 Schedule

Emory Cognition and Development Colloquium

Getting Connected

Old Stuff


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