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Bragfish Member Tasklist

TaskDescriptionAssignedPercent Complete
Accessible VariablesCreate a place for variables we need to change often.–%
Fog of WarTurn off Fog of War.Michael–%
Shared DockAll players have access to the same dock to dump their fish at.Michael90%
InspectingAiming the camera at another player's boat will bring up information on that player.Michael25%
MovementThe general movement rules for the boats.Michael90%
CastingThe general casting rules for the boats.Yan0%
FishingThe results of having cast a lure into the water.Yan0%
Locating Your BoatFinding your boat when the camera is not pointed at it.Yan100%
SoundsSound files and sound tools necessary for Bragfish.Yan0%
RammingRamming one boat into another boat.Timmy75%
Fish MovementsThe movements and behavior of the fish.Kim0%
EventsSpecial events that cause different things to happen on the board.Timmy0%

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