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How to Create a Stand-alone Executable

How to Make a DART Application into an Executable File

These are the steps to create a "projector" (which is the Director term for a stand alone executable application) from your DART director movie. These instructions are intended for use with Director MX 2004.

Projector HOWTO.rtf

Create a directory where your executable and supporting files will be placed (e.g. C:\myprojector)
Inside of this directory create another directory called "Xtras" (e.g. C:\myprojector\Xtras)
Copy the current DART xtra and dlls from your Macromedia xtras directory into this Xtras directory
Copy any other xtras used by your movie into this Xtras directory.
Copy your DART "Data" directory into the main directory (e.g. C:\myprojector\Data)
Copy the current DART cast and LS files into the main directory (e.g. C:\myprojector)
Copy any other external casts that are needed in your application into this directory.
Now it is time to export an exe version of your director movie. Load your movie into Director.
First change the settings in the "Design Template" for the movie. This tab will appear in the "property inspector" window if you highlight an unused frame in the score. The settings for the Design Template are the following: "Type" shoud be set to "Document", the "Centered" checkbox should be selected with the other unselected and everything should be unchecked under "Title Bar" with the "Border" type set to "None"
Choose "Publish Settings" from the "File" menu
In the "Format" tab click the "Windows Projector" check box. And set the path for the output exe to your directory (e.g. C:\myprojector\mymovie.exe)
In the "Projector" tab choose a "Player Type" of "Shockwave" and select the "Fullscreen" and "Center Stage" checkboxes.
In the "Files" tab check the "exclude all Xtras" checkbox
Now you are ready to generate the exe. Click on "Publish"
The exe should now be sitting in the correct directory with all the other files. Run it to verify everything is working. If you get a script error you are probably missing a necessary xtra, dll or script file.

Stub projectors

We have provided an example that shows a working stand alone DART application. It is the MarkingTracking template application. However, in this example we make use of a handy trick, which is to create a small "stub" executable that simply calls a director movie. This technique means that you only have to "publish" the simple stub application, leaving your DART application as a movie. This allows you to edit your DART application easily without having to continually re-publish everytime you make a change while still being able to run it as a standalone application. The benefits of running your application this way is that it loads very quickly, is automatically full screen, you do not need to have Director on the computer to run the application, and the stub projector lets you make a splash screens for your application if you would like.

To try out this example:

Open up the mymovie.dir file in Director. This is an example of why a stub exe is useful since you will need to modify the video settings before you run the application.
Set the LiveVideo properties for your camera and make sure the "Data Path" is blank. By leaving the Data Path blank, the application will simply look for the Data directory in the working directory of the movie.
Save and close mymovie.
Run the stub.exe program
You will see a splash screen followed by a full screen marker tracking application which places a gray cube on the Marker Panel 01-06
Hit ESC to exit the program.
To understand how the stub program works, simply open the stub.dir.
You will notice that on the score there are some graphical assets for the splash screen (you can design any type of Director app you would like here), but the important script is the "startscript" behavior which is placed on frame 20.
When the playhead gets to frame 20 this script is executed. The script has one line of code which simply executed your director movie (go to movie "mymovie" )
Also, if you would like to verify the correct settings for publishing projectors, look at the Design Template and Publish Settings values for this stub movie as everything is configured correctly.
Make sure to place the current version of your casts and ls files in the same directory as the projector if you want them to be used.
You can use this example to quickly create standalone versions of your applications. Simply switch out the mymovie.dir file in the directory for whatever DART application you would like.

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