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Cameras for DART

DART current supports three different kinds of video capture libraries on Windows. You select the different libraries using the drop-down menu in the LiveVideo actor (which changes the configuration string passed to the Xtra). The three libraries are:
  1. DirectShow-based devices, using the open source VidCapture library ( written by Mike Ellison
  2. Point Grey cameras, using the point grey PGRFly libraries (you must own a point grey camera, and have installed their drivers, for this to work.)
  3. Videre Design cameras, using the Videre Design DCAM libraries (you must own a videre design camera, and have installed their drivers, for this to work.)

All Videre Design and Point Grey cameras should work, but we have only tested with the DCAM (Videre Design), the Firefly (Point Grey) and the Dragon Fly (Point Grey). Note that not all combinations of modes work with these cameras – see the documentation for the camera to see what should and shouldn't work.

There are some problems we've been having with the Videre Design libraries on windows, that causes any program using them to crash if a size other than 640x480 is used.

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