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VRPN Specifics

What is VRPN?

VRPN is the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network developed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This software is used to integrate tracking information from a variety of devices, namely tracking devices, over a network-transparent interface. Basically, a machine acts as a "Server" when physically connected to a device, and provides data to all "Clients" that subscribe to that server. The data can be analog data, button presses, and position/orientation tracker reports from a growing number of supported devices.

How do I use VRPN in DART?

Assuming you have devices that are supported by VRPN (see the VRPN website for help), you can initialize a server from DART by configuring the "vrpnfile" file which is now a text cast in the Internal cast library in DART movies. Configure this file similar to the VRPN.cfg file described on their website. Then place the VRPNInit behavior on the 3D World and click the option to start local tracker servers.

To subscribe to an existing VRPN server from DART, use the LiveTracker behavior to recieve the data. The LiveTracker must be configured with the server name and IP address of the tracker (such as Tracker0@localhost) as well as the sensor ID of the tracker. Individual Actors and other behaviors can subscribe to the LiveTracker object to receive the tracker data.

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