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Camera setup

This page provides a little information for how to set up a camera in DART. We support cameras that can be accessed using DirectShow libraries, as well as Videre DCAM and Point Grey cameras.

For DirectShow Cameras only:
You can see what modes DART will support on your camera if you run an existing program like LiveVideo.dir from the Template-Apps in the most recent installation of DART. Run the program and look in the message window (ctrl-M). If you run the DART program and the live camera doesn't work, the message window will show you modes are supported, and what configuration you tried to send the supporting libraries. Configure the LiveVideo property window to correspond.

You can also test your camera and the modes available using the printmodes.exe included with the DLL installation. Just run this program in a DOS window with your camera installed and see what modes you have. Adjust the LiveVideo properties according the modes supported.

If you run the printmodes application and see something like the line below, then your camera is not supported (by DirectShow).

"Error initializing video capture object."

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